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A Community Project is ... a marketing system which helps you reach your target audience (your community) without being distracted by tactics like random ads, screaming salespersons and overuse of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But is doesn't stop there, these projects involve their community and can therefore give them highly anticipated content, which creates a prosperous relationship. Community Projects can be used for businesses, for foundations, for campaigns of celebrities and politicians, for organizing events, etc. They are easy to start and very flexible, which means the result of your project can be an annual local event or a highly profitable organization. Marketing doesn't need to be a headache, caused by high costs and low conversion rates. It can be a way for you to share your knowledge and skills with the world, while having a great time as you watch the project you've created grow exponentially.

If you are ready to start making an income with your hobby and start realizing your ideas, then you can download this free guide. It will show you your initial steps like how you can ...


"Evolve or die!" is the harsh reality which nature uses on everything that exists. This law applies to businesses and other projects as well. Education is therefore the best investment there is! Every week new informative articles and videos are posted on our blog on how to start and run your own successful Community Project.

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Does this still sound like an impossible task, than I'm sorry to hear that. Realizing your dreams is a very exciting process. I recommend you to at least download the Free Bunpasi Community Project Guide and hope that someday we can help you as well!